Would you rather stay at home than go into a health care facility or nursing home?

Our part-time, full-time and all-day service alternatives are designed for people who choose to live independently but require non-medical services. We can give your loved ones 2 types of services:

Home Services

  • hands-holding-heart-1
    Care Management
  • hair-brush
    Basic Personal Care
  • hot-air-balloon
    Activities of Daily Living
  • elderly
  • broom
    Light Housekeeping
  • tshirt
    Laundry & Errands
  • plate
    Meal Preparation and Shopping
  • steering-wheel
    Attendant / Driver Service / Escorting
    • assistance
      Respite Care
    • home
      Live-in Services

      Specialized Programs

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        Alzheimer’s & Dementia’s Care
      • foot-side-view-outline
        Foot Care
      • pills
        Medication Management
      • single-bed
        Pre- and Post- Surgical Care
      • charity
        Palliative Care

      Lux Senior Care is a locally owned, operated, and licensed Home Care Organization with over 20 years of healthcare experience. We specialize in creating concierge level home care solutions for you and your loved ones. We focus on a holistic approach to keeping you happy and safe where you call home.

      Lux Senior Care believes that great relationships are built on trust that is why we exclusively contract with Certified Nursing Assistants and Nurses with proven experience and knowledge to ensure the best possible quality of care. We tailor our care plans to meet your needs, offering a wide range of services from 1-hour visits to 24-hour care.

      Knowledge center

      Home care encompasses a wide range of health and social services. These services are delivered at home to recovering, disabled, chronically, or terminally ill persons in need of medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment and/or assistance with the essential activities of daily living.

      Generally, home care is appropriate whenever a person prefers to stay at home but needs ongoing care that cannot easily or effectively be provided solely by family and friends. More and more older people, electing to live independent, non-institutionalized lives, are receiving home care services as their physical capabilities diminish. Younger adults who are disabled or recuperating from acute illness are choosing home care whenever possible. Chronically ill infants and children are receiving sophisticated medical treatment in their loving and secure home environments. Adults and children diagnosed with terminal illness also are being cared for at home, receiving compassion and maintaining dignity at the end of life.

      As hospital stays decrease, increasing numbers of patients need highly skilled services when they return home. Other patients are able to stay at home, to begin with, receiving safe and effective care in the comfort of their own homes.

      Home care is cost-effective. Numerous studies have shown that home care is generally the most cost-effective care option. Used prior to, in place of, or after hospitalization, home care can reduce the length-of-stay and save money over the course of an illness.

      Home care keeps people independent. With assistance, persons of all ages can continue to function as viable members of the community.

      Home care keeps families together. The joy of being with loved ones is particularly important in times of illness, and keeping families together has a positive social and economic impact on our communities.

      Home care involves the individual and the family in the care that is delivered. Home care is patient-centered — it empowers individuals and their families to assume greater responsibility for their own health, and to assist them to make informed health care decisions.

      Home care is paid for by a variety of sources. Benefits and requirements vary greatly, however. Major home care payment sources include:

      • Patient/private pay – Home care services can be personally paid. The scope of services and the charges are negotiated between the patient/family and the agency. For those whose resources do not cover home care, some home care agencies offer a sliding-scale fee schedule so that a family need only pay what it can afford.
      • Private health insurance – Policy coverage varies. Generally, private insurance coverage is limited to physician-directed medical services and equipment. The patient and family should check with their insurance agent to determine coverage specifics.
      • Medicare – The patient must be under a physician’s plan of care, homebound and in need of part-time or intermittent skilled nursing care or occupational/physical/speech therapy. Eligible clients may receive a range of services which include skilled nursing, home care aide, speech and occupational therapy, medical social work and medical supplies/equipment.
      • Medicaid – This federal/state administered medical assistance program provides services similar to Medicare for low-income people. No prior hospitalization or “skilled” level of service is required to qualify. Individuals do not need to be homebound.
      • Social services block grants – These Title XX funds are available for in-home care services including home care aide, chore and personal care.
      • Older Americans Act – Title III of the Older Americans Act provides in-home services including home-delivered meals, home care aide, personal care, chore, escort, and shopping services.
      • Workers’ compensation – Any person needing home care services as a result of an injury on the job is eligible. Workers’ compensation representatives have information on eligibility.
      • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) – HMOs and Comprehensive Medical Plans (CMP) with Medicare contracts must provide the full range of Medicare-covered services that are available in a geographic area, including home care services.
      • CHAMPUS – On a cost-shared basis this program covers skilled nursing care and other professional medical home care for dependents of active military personnel, retirees and their dependents and survivors.

      Why choose Lux Senior Care?

      We are committed to being your shoulder to lean on and providing honest advice for your loved one’s situation during this delicate time.

      Daily care experts

      We specialize in around the clock care to help seniors live well at home.

      Available 24/7

      We are available 24 hours a day to provide your loved one with a caregiver.

      Balanced care

      Our unique approach to care promotes healthy mind, body and spirit.

      A trusted partner

      Lux Senior Care is the trusted referral choice for elder care professionals.

      Our caregivers

      Lux Senior Care caregivers undergo rigorous and serious selection process to provide the services you deserve. We make sure that our caregivers have:

      ✓  Insured
      Background checked
      Active Licenses
      Continuous training
      Confirmed experience
      Excellent recommendations

      How to start your care?

      • Request a home visit where we will provide you with a free, no-obligation assessment.
      • Call and speak to one of our friendly team who will discuss the setup process and outline our packages.
      • Once agreed, we will setup your care package and introduce you to your Care Worker.

      How can we help?

      Please complete the contact information below and let us know your needs. Upon receipt of your information one of our team members will reach out.

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