About Us


We are Lux Senior Care

At Lux Senior Care, we believe that aging is an achievement and not an illness. It is our mission to be the beacon during challenging times. We will strive to refer to you care providers who can work with you to carefully tailor a customized homecare solution that fits your needs and allows you to age in place successfully, wherever you call home.

About Us

We understand the importance of compassionate caregiving, effective communication, and treating people with dignity and respect. Our entire organization is passionate about referring the highest quality homecare providers who can provide you with a positive experience.

Lux Senior Care is a Nurse Registry, licensed and governed by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). All the care providers we refer are independent contractors. Lux Senior Care conducts a rigorous background check and credential verification for each caregiver and skilled nurse before referring them to a client.

Lux Senior Care, through years of nurse registry experience, carefully vets each care provider and skilled nurse before referring them to a client.

Our History

Lux Senior Care has a tradition of going above and beyond for our senior population. Our office contracted staff pursues excellence and works hard to refer quality care providers every day.

Our Vision

We aim to redefine the standards for what the term ‘senior care’ represents, through unmatched professionalism, and attention to detail when making care provider referrals.