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If you’re considering undergoing plastic surgery, you’re likely envisioning the positive transformations it will bring to your life. While the anticipation of the results is exciting, it’s crucial to also plan for a smooth and comfortable recovery process. While friends and family might be very supportive and pledge to offer their assistance after the procedure is over – it helps to be realistic about what to expect. While your friends and family might have the best of intentions, they might not be able to provide the around-the-clock care that you may require in the first few days after your procedure. This is understandable of course, as work obligations, family, and life require us to be present. 

One invaluable resource to consider is hiring a private duty nurse, and Lux Senior Care is here to guide you through the journey. Our team offers referrals for private duty nurses that are licensed, certified, experienced, and compassionate. Nothing beats having a professional, dedicated caregiver present when you need one. Let’s discuss the benefits of hiring a plastic nurse after surgery in West Palm Beach and surrouding areas. 

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Hiring a Nurse After Plastic Surgery – Lux’s Promise to You

1. Expert Care:

Lux Senior Care provides highly skilled and experienced private duty nurses specialized in post-surgery care. Their expertise ensures you receive the best possible care during the critical recovery period.

2. Personalized Assistance:

Every individual’s recovery is unique. Lux Senior Care’s nurses tailor their services to your specific needs, offering personalized attention and care that enhances your recovery experience.

hiring a nurse after plastic surgery

3. Monitoring Vital Signs:

A private duty nurse can monitor your vital signs, ensuring any potential complications are identified and addressed promptly. This constant vigilance contributes significantly to a safer recovery.

4. Medication Management:

Managing post-surgery medications is crucial for a successful recovery. Lux Senior Care’s nurses are well-versed in medication management, ensuring you take the right medications at the right time for optimal healing.

5. Emotional Support:

Recovering from plastic surgery can be emotionally challenging. Lux Senior Care’s compassionate nurses provide emotional support, creating a positive and nurturing environment during your recovery.

Our Private Duty Nurse Referrals Can Assist With

Lux Senior Care’s private duty nurses go beyond medical care; they assist with various activities to make your recovery more comfortable:

Wound Care

Proper care of surgical incisions is essential. Lux Senior Care's nurses are trained in wound care, ensuring a hygienic and infection-free healing process.

Assistance with Mobility

Whether it's helping you move around, getting in and out of bed, or providing support during short walks, Lux Senior Care's nurses ensure you maintain mobility without compromising your recovery.

Nutrition Support

A balanced diet is crucial for healing. Lux Senior Care's nurses can assist with meal planning and preparation, ensuring you receive the nutrients necessary for a speedy recovery.

Costs and Expectations

The cost of hiring a private duty nurse after plastic surgery varies based on the level of care required and the duration of assistance. Lux Senior Care offers transparent pricing, and during a free consultation, they will discuss your specific needs, providing a tailored plan that aligns with your budget and recovery goals.

On average you can expect to pay about $30 to $35 per hour when hiring a nurse after plastic surgery. However, we may be able to get you a special rate depending on your needs. Enjoy a free consultation with us to discuss the details so that we can hone in on your price. 

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Investing in a private duty nurse from Lux Senior Care after plastic surgery is an investment in your well-being. Ensure a seamless and comfortable recovery by contacting us for a free consultation. Our team is ready to discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have, and provide the support necessary for a successful post-surgery recovery. Trust Lux Senior Care to make your healing journey as smooth as possible. Contact Lux Senior Care today for your free consultation and experience the difference in post-surgery care.