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How Our In-Home Physical Therapy Referrals Can Help Seniors and Postoperative Patients

Being unable to leave the house can be isolating and difficult for seniors or those who have undergone postoperative care. Lux Senior Care has developed a solution to help those individuals get the physical therapy they need without having to leave their homes. Our in-home physical therapy services are designed to help these patients remain active, improve their overall health, and enjoy a better quality of life. Let’s take a closer look at how our in-home physical therapy services work.

Lux Rehab - How It Works

At Lux Senior Care, we understand that not everyone is able to make it to a physical therapy facility for treatment. That’s why we offer in-home physical therapy services referrals for postoperative patients and seniors who may be bed-bound or otherwise limited in their ability to move around. We can provide referrals for caregivers who will come directly into your home and provide specialized exercises tailored specifically to your needs.

Our caregiver referrals are highly trained professionals with years of experience in providing postoperative and senior care at home. After being seen by a physical therapist, they can help you carry out an individualized plan of action based on your unique needs and abilities, helping you reach your goals more quickly while still remaining comfortable within the confines of your home.

We also understand that each patient’s needs are unique—which is why we take time prior to beginning any type of treatment regimen to get an understanding of the patient’s lifestyle and abilities. This allows us to tailor our plan of action accordingly, making sure that the exercises we recommend are benefcial yet realistic enough for successful implementation into the patient’s everyday routine.

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Why Lux Rehab Physical Therapy at Home is So Valuable to Our Patients

Many times, a person might undergo a procedure and receive some brief instructions from a physician without clear directions, or follow-ups. This can lead to some confusion and suboptimal recovery after the procedure. Lux Rehab, a program provided by Lux Senior Care, aims to keep patients on track with their exercises and activity levels after their procedure.

Lux Rehab

When it comes to seniors, the phrase ‘use it or lose it’ rings true. We keep our seniors active and healthy by encouraging them to exercise their minds and bodies. It’s true, we cannot prevent aging altogether. However, the rate at which you age is clearly influenced by your lifestyle, activity levels, diet, and more. Our senior caregivers are experienced and qualified to keep our seniors active, prepare nutritious meals, and provide the companionship they need to stay mentally engaged and ft.

Why Lux Senior Care Is the Top Choice for Physical Therapy at Home

At Lux Senior Care, we believe in providing our patients with the best possible care and support. Our physical therapy referral services are designed to improve quality of life while helping seniors and postoperative patients feel empowered by regaining their independence at home.

Our in-home physical therapy referrals provide personalized attention that is essential for achieving maximum results. Our caregivers are compassionate and understanding, allowing for a more relaxed and comfortable environment for treatment. Ultimately, we strive to give our patients the highest level of care and support possible during their recovery period, helping them progress toward their goals in the most efficient manner.

If you or someone you love is limited due to postoperative recovery or age from accessing traditional physical therapy facilities, Lux Senior Care can help. Our in-home physical therapy services referrals allow us to bring experienced caregiver referrals right into your home so you can receive customized exercise routines that will keep you active while still being comfortable within familiar surroundings. Contact us today if you would like more information about our in-home physical therapy services!