Nurturing Excellence: Lux Senior Care’s Compassionate Senior Nannies in South Florida

Age is a journey, and with it comes a unique set of challenges. Lux Senior Care is on a mission to illuminate the essence of senior nannies, committed to enriching the lives of our beloved elderly population in the heart of South Florida. Our team of compassionate caregivers, lovingly referred to as senior nannies, is dedicated to making the golden years truly golden.

A Symphony of Support and Assistance:

At Lux Senior Care, our senior nannies, also known as private duty nurses, are the guiding light for seniors seeking support in their daily lives. These skilled professionals offer a symphony of assistance, ensuring that seniors receive personalized care tailored to their unique needs. From managing medications and providing companionship to helping with daily tasks, our caregivers are adept at making every day a better day.

A Sanctuary of Safety:

Safety and trust are the cornerstones of our service. Lux Senior Care takes pride in our meticulous screening process, ensuring that each caregiver referral is a beacon of trustworthiness and compassion. Our senior nannies pass through stringent background checks, guaranteeing that only the most qualified and trustworthy individuals join our registry. You can rest assured that your loved ones are in safe hands.

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Bespoke Scheduling Solutions and Comprehensive Care with Senior Nannies Referrals

At Lux Senior Care, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to caregiving. That’s why we offer a range of flexible scheduling options. Whether your loved one requires short shifts, overnight care, or around-the-clock support, our senior nannies are here to meet their unique schedule. Our commitment to tailored care ensures that your loved one receives the assistance they need when they need it.


We Can Do It All – Including the Following

Our senior nannies do much more than just provide assistance. They become companions, enriching the lives of our elderly clients with engaging activities and meaningful interactions. From taking leisurely strolls in the garden to reminiscing about life’s beautiful moments, our caregivers go the extra mile to make the golden years truly shine.

Here are some of the activities that a private duty caregiver can help with:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Bathing: Assisting the client with a safe and comfortable bathing experience.
Dressing: Helping the client choose appropriate clothing and dressing them.
Grooming: Assisting with hair care, shaving, and other grooming needs.
Toileting: Providing support for bathroom needs, including assistance with transfers.

Mobility and Transfer Assistance

Helping the client move safely from one place to another, including getting in and out of bed, chairs, or wheelchairs.
Assisting with walking, using mobility aids, and preventing falls.

Meal Preparation and Feeding

Planning and preparing nutritious meals tailored to the client's dietary preferences and restrictions.
Assisting with eating, ensuring the client gets adequate nutrition.

Medication Management

Administering medications according to prescribed schedules.
Monitoring and documenting medication intake.

Companionship and Emotional Support

Engaging in meaningful conversations and providing emotional support.
Offering companionship to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.


Performing light housekeeping tasks, such as tidying up, laundry, and dishwashing.
Maintaining a safe and clean living environment.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Encouraging and assisting with exercises or physical therapy as prescribed by healthcare professionals.
Promoting mobility and strength.

Safety Measures

Identifying potential hazards and taking steps to create a safe living environment.
Preventing accidents and addressing emergency situations.

Monitoring Health Conditions

Observing and documenting changes in the client's health and well-being.
Reporting any concerning developments to the client's healthcare provider.

Respite Care

Providing short-term relief for family caregivers, allowing them to take a break and recharge.

Hobbies and Recreational Activities

Engaging the client in hobbies, games, and activities they enjoy.
Stimulating mental and emotional well-being through enjoyable pastimes.

Embrace the Journey with Lux Senior Care:

The passage of time should never dim the sparkle in your loved one’s eyes. Lux Senior Care invites you to embrace the journey of aging with confidence. Contact us today to discover the exceptional world of senior nannies that we offer in South Florida. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate, reliable care to the elderly, ensuring that their golden years are filled with warmth and support.

Picture of Julian OCampo

Julian OCampo

Julian is one of the founders of Lux Senior Care. As a father, and son to his elder parents - he understands the value of taking care of your family. He founded Lux Senior Care with the goal of providing that same level of care and compassion to families in South Florida and beyond.