What Do Nursing Homes Do with Violent Patients: Some Common Approaches

Dealing with violent patients in nursing homes is a challenging and delicate issue. Nursing homes prioritize the safety and well-being of all residents, staff, and visitors. When a patient exhibits violent behavior, the facility typically follows established protocols to ensure appropriate care and management of the situation. What do nursing homes do with violent patients? Here are some common steps nursing homes may take:

Immediate Response

Nursing home staff are trained to respond promptly to any violent behavior to prevent harm to the resident, other residents, or staff members. They may use de-escalation techniques, such as calmly talking to the patient, removing potential triggers, and providing a safe environment.

Staff Training

Nursing home staff undergo training in managing challenging behaviors and de-escalation techniques to handle violent situations effectively. This helps them respond appropriately and minimize the risk of escalation.

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Behavioral Assessment

After an incident of violence, the nursing home's interdisciplinary team, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and psychologists, may conduct a thorough behavioral assessment of the patient. The goal is to understand the underlying causes of the violent behavior, such as pain, confusion, frustration, or mental health issues.

Individualized Care Plans

Based on the assessment, the nursing home team develops an individualized care plan for the violent patient. This plan may include personalized interventions and therapies to address the root causes of the aggression and reduce the likelihood of future incidents.

Medication Review

The patient's medications are reviewed to ensure they are not contributing to aggressive behavior. Adjustments to medication or changes in prescriptions may be made to improve the patient's mental and emotional well-being.

Increased Supervision

In some cases, nursing homes may provide increased supervision for patients who are prone to violence. This may involve assigning dedicated staff members or monitoring the patient more closely to prevent violent outbursts.

Involvement of Family and Legal Representatives

Nursing homes may involve the patient's family and legal representatives to ensure that everyone is aware of the situation and collaborates on appropriate care strategies.

Consultation with Specialists

In severe cases, nursing homes may seek the expertise of specialists, such as geriatric psychiatrists or behavioral health professionals, to provide additional insights and recommendations for managing the patient's behavior.

Transfer or Relocation

In extreme cases where a patient's behavior poses an ongoing threat to the safety of others, nursing homes may consider transferring the individual to a more specialized facility that can better address their needs.

It’s essential to note that nursing homes aim to provide compassionate and individualized care for all residents, including those with challenging behaviors. However, each situation is unique, and the approach taken will depend on the specific circumstances and the patient’s underlying medical and psychological conditions.

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