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Welcome to Lux Senior Care, where compassionate care meets the comfort of home. As one of the premier home healthcare agencies in Palm Beach County, we are dedicated to providing personalized and high-quality services to seniors in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Lux Senior Care, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and dignity as individuals age. Our team of experienced and skilled healthcare professionals is committed to delivering exceptional care tailored to the unique needs of each client. Whether you or your loved one requires assistance with daily activities, medication management, or specialized care, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Services We Offer

1. Personalized Care Plans

We believe in individualized care that addresses the specific needs and preferences of each client. Our team works closely with clients and their families to create personalized care plans that promote overall well-being and enhance the quality of life.

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2. Skilled Nursing

Our team of skilled nurses is dedicated to providing expert medical care in the comfort of your home. From medication management to wound care and post-operative support, our skilled nursing services are designed to meet a variety of healthcare needs.

3. Companion Care

Companionship is a vital aspect of our care services. Our compassionate caregivers are not only trained to provide assistance with daily activities but also to be companions who engage in meaningful conversations, recreational activities, and emotional support.

4. Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Lux Senior Care specializes in providing compassionate care for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our caregivers are trained to handle the unique challenges associated with these conditions, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for our clients.

5. Palliative and Hospice Care

For individuals facing serious illnesses, our palliative and hospice care services focus on providing comfort, pain management, and emotional support. We work closely with families to ensure a dignified and peaceful end-of-life experience.

The Advantages of Working with Our Home Healthcare Agency in Palm Beach County

Choosing home healthcare services for your senior loved ones offers numerous benefits that promote comfort, independence, and overall well-being. Lux Senior Care is committed to providing exceptional in-home care, and here are some key advantages of opting for our services over placing seniors in a nursing home:

home healthcare agencies in Palm Beach County

Comfort of Home

Familiar Environment: Aging individuals often feel more at ease in their familiar surroundings. Home care allows seniors to stay in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by cherished memories and personal belongings.

Personalized and Individualized Care

Tailored Care Plans: Nursing homes have a structured environment, while home care allows for personalized care plans. Our team works closely with each client to create a plan that addresses their unique needs and preferences.

Maintaining Independence

Preserving Autonomy: Home care encourages seniors to maintain their independence. They can follow their own schedules, make choices about their daily activities, and participate in decisions regarding their care.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Emotional Well-being: Being surrounded by loved ones and familiar surroundings contributes to emotional well-being. Home care promotes a positive and comfortable atmosphere, enhancing the overall quality of life for seniors.

One-on-One Attention

Individualized Attention: In a nursing home, staff must attend to the needs of multiple residents. With home care, your loved one receives personalized, one-on-one attention, fostering a stronger caregiver-client relationship.

Reduced Risk of Infections

Lower Exposure: Home care minimizes exposure to contagious illnesses that can spread rapidly in communal living settings, reducing the risk of infections for seniors who may have compromised immune systems.

Family Involvement

Active Participation: Home care encourages family members to actively participate in the caregiving process. This involvement can strengthen family bonds and provide emotional support to both the senior and their loved ones.


Economical Option: Home care can often be a more cost-effective alternative to nursing homes. It eliminates the expenses associated with facility maintenance, allowing resources to be allocated more directly to individualized care.

Flexibility in Care Services

Adaptable Services: Home care services can be adjusted to meet changing needs. Whether the requirement is for a few hours a day or around-the-clock care, our team at Lux Senior Care is flexible to accommodate evolving care needs.

Peace of Mind

Reassurance for Families: Knowing that your loved one is receiving attentive and personalized care at home provides peace of mind for families. Lux Senior Care prioritizes transparent communication to keep families informed and involved in the caregiving process.

Choosing senior care at home with Lux Senior Care means prioritizing the comfort, independence, and well-being of your loved ones. Our dedicated team is here to support you in creating a nurturing and safe environment for seniors to thrive in the place they call home.

Why Choose Lux Senior Care?

Experienced and Compassionate Team: Our team consists of highly trained and compassionate healthcare professionals dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our clients.

Personalized Approach

We understand that every individual is unique, and our care plans are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client.

Transparent Communication

We value open and transparent communication with our clients and their families, keeping everyone informed and involved in the care process.

Commitment to Safety

Your safety is our top priority. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and hygiene to provide a secure environment for our clients.

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